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If you would like to edit this wiki and don't already have edit access, please open an issue or comment on an existing one noting the wiki page you'd like to edit. You will then be added as a repository contributor with edit access.

This wiki is for p5.js tutorial content only.

A complete list of tutorials can be found on the p5.js learn page. There is one page (archived content) that contains some of the older material that used to be in this wiki, in case you are missing it. Here are some resources for further p5.js learning:

  • Get started: Create and run your first sketch!
  • API Reference: The documentation for p5.js
  • Learn: Tutorials introducing different p5.js topics
  • Examples: Short, prototypical examples exploring the basics of programming with p5.js

If you are interested in developing p5.js, please see the contributor_docs folder in the repository.

The README in this folder contains an overview of how to contribute, build the library, test the code, and update the documentation. Here are some further resources for p5.js development: