Supported browsers

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Our stated goal:

We support the current version of the browser, plus the previous major release of the browser.

Potential issues:

  • We are using webGL, which has limited support in IE 10, firefox, and the Android browser.
  • We are using typed arrays, which does not have support for Uint8ClampedArray in IE 10 and IE Mobile 10/11.
  • Canvas blend modes are not supported in IE.
  • WebAudio is not supported in IE or the Android Browser.

As of August 2016, this means that we support:

Browser Current Version Previous Version Notes
Internet Explorer v. 11 v. 10 Needs a polyfill for Uint8ClampedArray.
No support for WebAudio.
IE Mobile v. 11 v.10 v.10 does not fully support webGL.
Needs a polyfill for Uint8ClampedArray.
No support for WebAudio.
Microsoft Edge v. 25 v. 23
Chrome v. 52 v. 51
Chrome for Android v. 40 Not sure if previous versions exist
Firefox v. 47 v. 36
Safari v. 9 v. 8
iOS Safari v. 9 v. 8
Android Browser v. 40 v. 4.4.4 Does not support webGL.
No support for WebAudio.
Opera v. 39 v. 38

We will try to list all known problems across the different browsers here but for a complete list of supported feature on a browser visit and search for specific features (ie. Webgl)