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X Mismatched API level inside (Android mode ver. 3)
X ecj.jar isn't found properly
X figure out how to build from Eclipse JDI so we can remove tools.jar and javac
X figure out Android build w/o javac so we can remove tools.jar and javac
X also to the p5 repo with just a JRE
X remove initRequirements from Base (no longer need JDI)
X move this into Android mode?
X requires deleting the app before reinstalling
X just fix this like the others
0217 android (released alongside 2.0b9)
X split Android mode from the rest of the project
X build core when building the mode itself
X where should core files be stored?
o maybe even straight from github
X nope, means 4 MB files for each repo update
X change build script to use ../processing instead of .. as path
X make sure the download of the mode works properly
X remove the rest from the main repo
X get things checked in
X Android mode was reporting 'no mode found'
X implement Android version of command line tools (by pif)
X incorporate changes to package
X several additional updates to bring things in line with the mode as well
0216 android (2.0b8)
X Update documentation and tools for Android SDK Tools revision 21
X update Wiki to reflect no need for Google APIs
o instructions on installing the usb driver for windows
o need to post android examples
o check out andres' changes for PShape
X look into touch event code, see if there's a good way to integrate
o make a decision on how to integrate touch event code
X punting until later
X add clear and close to all stream methods?
X check on this, fixed one, all set
o gui stuff:
X OpenGL sketches crashes on older Android devices
X remove mouseEvent and keyEvent variables (deprecated on desktop)
X inside AndroidPreprocessor
X PApplet.match(scrubbed,;
X clean up earlier when size() stuff was moved up
o test libraries on android
X Implement a way to include the resources directory of an Android app
X USB host and NFC reader need other changes to the app hierarchy to work
X Error for "android create avd" when the AVD is already installed
0215 android (2.0b7)
X removing default imports for
X android.view.MotionEvent, android.view.KeyEvent,
X due to conflicts w/ the new p5 event system
X change event handling to hopefully clean up some inconsistencies
X remove motionX/Y/Pressure... these need to be handled separately
X mouseX/Y no longer include history with moves
X better to use motion object when that's done
o coordinates from motionX/Y reportedly inconsistent
X moving away from this anyway
X pmouseX/Y not being set properly?
X mouseEvent is back (see the Wiki)
o add method to bring up the keyboard in sketches
o actually, just write an example of how to do it, since holding menu works
X values for pmouseX/Y aren't great
X Examples > Topics > Drawing > Continuous Lines shows gaps
X debug information not coming through (Windows only?)
X "no library found" with android.text.format (so android.* is a problem)
X Remove requirement for Google APIs in Android mode
A Defects in the tessellation of SVG shapes in A3D
X change run/present/export/export application names in the menus
A Blacked-out screen when restoring Android app from background.
X android sdk/build location has changed (android-7 not 2.1) fix build.xml
A excessive rotation of application causes memory to run out
A this probably means that some memory isn't being freed that should be
A new window and surfaceview objects are being created in onCreate
A so they should probably be taken down in onDestroy.. but how?
o should alpha PImage stuff use a non-4byte config?
X hasn't emerged as a real issue
o try using the internal javac on windows and see if exceptions come through..
o actually i think that might have been worse...
X rounded rect support
o too many temporary objects (particularly w/ color) created with A2D
X no votes after a couple years
X resize() needs to use the android resize stuff
o right now using the rather than expensive copy()
X instead, create a new resized bitmap, and get rid of pixels[]
motion events
o registerMethod("motionEvent") and "mouseEvent" not implemented
o PMotionEvent is being used internal to PApplet, need to re-wrap
o should be able to fire MotionEvents
o modify MotionEvent code to use TouchEvent class, even if basic version
o internally, PApplet might subclass it for the pointers
o but queueing needs to work
X opting to take a step backwards on the motion event handling
o write a little stub code for people who want to use motionX/Y/etc
0214 android (2.0b6)
X No changes on the Android side of things
0213 android (2.0b5)
no changes
0212 android (2.0b4)
X key value is not set in android mode
X hue() in HSB mode returns out of range values
X hue method on Android may just be different
0211 android (2.0b3)
X implement registerMethod(keyEvent) (motion and mouse still unavailable)
0210 android (2.0b2)
X lots of example updates from Andres
X update example categories in the browser
0209 android (2.0b1)
A GL android sketch stops running after rotation
X lack of registerXxx() implementation is breaking pre() and post() in particles
X pause/resume trickiness with interactive apps
X can we serialize objects (even if slow?)
X add pause() and resume() methods to PApplet -> this is start/stop
X register(this, "pause") -> libs will need pause events on android
0208 android (2.0a9)
X inherited PShape API changes from the desktop version
0207 android (2.0a8)
X lots of cleanup on this todo list
X Support Native Code in Libraries for Android (includes fix)
X patch from m4rlonj
X exceptions with StreamPump and adb devices on osx and linux
o when starting the emulator, the adb server gets reset
o then it causes this exception, which kills the thread waiting for input
o so another reset is necessary
Exception in thread "StreamPump 49" java.lang.RuntimeException: Inside for out: adb devices
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: Stream closed
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.readBytes(
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.implRead(
... 3 more
X when returning to the application after link(), screen stays blank
X fixed in 0195
X remove various debug messages on the console
X right now, there are too many places where errors occur
J only send error text to System.err (i.e. "Launching emulator" is not an error)
J send these debug log messages to System.out
o "Sketch started on emulator" in spite of the emulator only halfway booted
o sent email about this one
o additional manifest gui necessary:
X icons are apparently important, android:icon
0206 android (2.0a7)
X add full PAppletMethods implementation to Android
X swap Run on Device and Run on Emulator
X XML crash on loading because of desktop-specific attribute
X error: ""
X fix problems with XML loading so that PShape works again
X sketch names cannot start with underscore
0205 android (2.0a6)
X finish xml writing on android
X consider switch to android 2.2 as the minimum
X screenWidth/Height replaced with displayWidth/Height
X update this on the Wiki page
X docs: P2D and P3D are now OpenGL variations
X Android mode is broken on Windows in Processing 2.0a5
o file a bug for this w/ Google
A GL2 specific code in Processing 2.0a5 break P3D on GLES2 hardware
A OpenGL/ES requires precision specifier on float types
A loadshape with obj file broken in 2.05a android mode.
A camera() and arc() don't work together
X remove unnecessary processing.xml.* code from android-core
X remove unnecessary processing.xml.* code from android-core
0204 android (2.0a5)
X Android emulator not launching on Windows with 2.0 alpha releases
X /opt/android using version #s again? fix build script (earlier)
X smooth() is now the default
X update to Android tools 17
X add workarounds for problem with tools 17 version of dex
o import statements with android.* break things
X was already fixed
X now requiring SDK 10 (2.3.3) because of OpenGL issues
X not SDK 9, which is 2.3.1 (and still Gingerbread)
X noted on the changes page in the Wiki
X make a note of the change on the Android Wiki
X modify the .java build to require it
X make sure build.xml uses it too
0203 android (2.0a4)
X fix incessant "inefficient font rendering" message
X fix build.xml to point at the correct SDK version
0202 android (2.0a3)
X fix problem with export menu, keys, toolbar being different
X change default package name a bit
X switch to SDK 8 (Android 2.2) as the minimum
X update the project files for Android SDK Tools Revision 15 (now required)
X launching on emulator not working well
X Latest android sdk breaks processing - new build.xml output required
X remove 'processing.test' package--people are posting on the market w/ it
X too many 'already exists' messages
X fix problem where creating a new AVD didn't update the device list
X remove 'includeantruntime' warning
X Android mode does not recognize library imports
X "Date could not be parsed" error
0201 android (2.0a2)
X lots of updates to PGraphics et al, especially on the 3D side
X change export menu/key/toolbar ordering
0200 android
X fix BufferedHttpEntity problem
X was trying to allocate a byte buffer for entire size of HTTP file
0199 android
X tries to create and AVD when running on the phone.. why?
X this is a real problem, causes lots of crashing on startup
0198 android
A mask() has no effect unless image has already been drawn in A3D
A point() doesn't render in A3D
A excessive rotation of application causes memory to run out
A mirroring in A3D when background() not called within draw()
X remove A2D and A3D constants
o colorMode() error
0197 android (1.5.1)
fixed earlier
X compiler errors on Windows not appearing, nor highlighting the line number
0196 android (1.5)
X workaround for loadImage(url) bug in Google's Android source (via psoden)
X Build an interface for control of permissions on Android
X Implement createGraphics()
X Android 0192 sketch in static mode crashes on exit
0195 android (pre)
X point() doesn't render in A3D
X Processing 0194 + Android = "Starting Build"
X hanging at problem where it's prompting for info on the cmd line
o renaming the old AVD is fixing a lot of issues with hanging at startup
X modes/android/ (No such file or directory)
X problem was that the build was ignoring no sdk silently
X need to require ANDROID_SDK set for build.xml dist
X No library found for android.content (and all the others)
X need to suppress the messages ala java.*
o ctrl-shift-r (run on device) is totally hosed
X when returning to android application, sometimes screen stays black
X Device Killed or Disconnected Error Message with Libraries
X there's gotta be something we can do to get better ant build message
X "Unable to resolve target 'Google...'" when APIs aren't installed
X add an error message that explains what to do
X canceling an attempt to find the Android SDK leaves no window open
X (Linux and Windows)
X crash when trying to change Android mode void sketch no Android SDK Installed
X Error 336 Can't run any sketch.
X javac.exe was not included with the download
0194 android (pre)
X Can't change Sketch Permissions
0193 android (pre)
o verify that processing-core.jar has downloaded properly
o this is the download page:
o so look for "SHA1 Checksum: 1ed63f9316441fe46949ef5a92a28f58cc7ee226"
X just use generic android apis as requirement, not the google apis
X though it does give us the emulator skin.. maybe another option
X android debug certificate expired
X just delete ~/.android/debug.keystore
X .java files are reported with Syntax Error with the Android build 0191
X implement mode switching for android/java/etc
X save state re: whether sketches are android or java mode (or others?)
X android mode is currently per-editor (and clunky)
X remove use of clone() for images
0192 android (pre)
X compile android-core with java 5 as the target so that it works on OS X 10.5
X A3D should use lower color depth on older devices
X new api for begin/endRecord()
A Finish opengl blending modes in A3D
A Automatic normal calculation in A3D
A Improve texture handling in A3D's PFont
A OpenGL resource release mechanism in A3D is broken
A Multitexturing in A3D
A Problems when loading images asynchronously in A3D.
X make several changes to get android running properly with sdk tools r8
0191 android (pre)
X won't interpret size() in Android Mode without spaces between arguments
A Implement offscreen operations in A3D when FBO extension is not available
A Get opengl matrices in A3D when GL_OES_matrix_get extension is not available
A Implement calculateModelviewInverse() in A3D
A Automatic clear/noClear() switch in A3D
A Camera issues in A3D
A major fixes for type to work properly in 3D (fixes KineticType)
A Lighting and materials testing in A3D
A Generate mipmaps when the GL_OES_generate_mipmaps extension is not available.
A Finish screen pixels/texture operations in A3D
1) I fixed a bug in the camera handling that a user pointed out recently ( This was a quite urgent issue, since affected pretty much everything. It went unnoticed until now because the math error canceled out with the default camera settings.
2) I also finished the implementation of the getImpl() method in PImage, so it initializes the texture of the new image in A3D mode. This makes the CubicVR example to work fine.
0190 android (pre)
X allow screenWidth/Height as parameters to size()
X right now would cause NumberFormatException
X add notes to the wiki about the size() method
X make sure sketchRenderer()/sketchWidth()/sketchHeight() are working on desktop
o see about getting them documented in the reference
X do a writeup of the size() method in the wiki
X size() command is currently ignored in Android
X Implement P3D, OpenGL, A3D for Android
X fix mouseX/Y mapping when using smaller screen sizes
o image() problems (includes sketch)
o next time the avd is updated
o remove old AVDs because their APIs might be out of date
o probably need to name AVDs based on their API spec
X text ascent/descent problem, text("blah\nblah") doesn't work properly
X reverting to using the PGraphics version rather than P2D
X because Paint.ascent() is returning negative values
X properly handle setting whatever permissions are necessary
X added dialog box to set permissions
X re: rewriting manifest on each build
X change skewX/Y to shearX/Y
X make updated reference
X copy the changes over from the xml library
X remove 'import processing.opengl.*' in the preprocessor?
X add to wiki - rename 'data' folder to 'assets' when inside eclipse
X prevent rotation of applications? (or require a certain orientation)
o add to activity tag in the manifest:
o android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|orientation"
o android:screenOrientation="landscape"
X or programmatically specify:
X setRequestedOrientation(ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE);
X setRequestedOrientation(ActivityInfo.SCREEN_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT);
X get the dpi of the screen (added to wiki)
X add hutch stuff to the wiki
X also for the wiki:
X add information about permissions, since loadStrings() will break
X add information to wiki about preparing apps for release
X make size() work to place the component at the center of the screen
X make size() work to change the renderer
X how does size work?
X if size() method is used, things are scaled based on that
X if no size() method, then the full screen/full resolution is used
X make apps properly handle screen resize
o remove SurfaceView2D/SurfaceView3D separation, or clean up
o test controlp5 with android
X get out of svn (once tool is separate, modes stuff working etc)
X fix the width of the build window
X some sort of warning re: messing with AndroidManifest.xml
X added to the wiki
X implement createGraphics() for A3D/P3D/OPENGL
X added a note to the wiki
X make sure that AndroidManifest and other files are copied on Save As
X icons.. any others?
X Errors show up that .java files are duplicates with the Android tools.
X problem is with the packages and where the preproc is putting the file
X example sketch added to bug report
X prevent adding the opengl library when it's not needed
X preprocessor removes the code by before export
X added a note to the wiki
X implement android menu
X reset option
X permissions
X run the 'android' application (since finding its location is painful)
o remove the need for a "Reset Android" menu option
o might need to just put this in the menu for times when things go weird
X added orientation(PORTRAIT) and orientation(LANDSCAPE)
X if sketchRenderer() et al are used in android, need to add to desktop
X remove processing.opengl.* classes and finish PGraphicsAndroid3D
J need to prevent hitting 'run' twice (threaded, so would work)
J currently things just keep restarting the build, bad state
before 0190 release
X post to the download page
X get some help w/ the dist script to make the right file
X have casey do a reference build (skewX/Y to shearX/Y)
X also changes to the xml api naming
0189 android (1.2.1)
X no changes
0188 android (1.2)
X no changes (and android features hidden)
0187 android (pre)
X don't kill adb server each time that run is hit
X move about.txt to the wiki
done in 0186
X move to Android 2.1 as the minimum requirement?
X since 2.0.1 seems to be used on only a 0.46% of devices?
X need to side-port changes from PShape/SVG over to Android
0186 android (pre)
X move to sdk 7 because 6 has been deprecated
X merged svg changes with those in desktop core
0185 android (pre)
X fix two bugs with fonts created with specific charsets
X fix for adobe illustrator-mangled svg id names with hex characters
X add redirect and fix problem with location after server move
X added android.permission.INTERNET
X and android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
0184 android (pre)
o when running a sketch, need to unlock the device
X add Pattern caching to match() to speed things up
X make saveStream() return a boolean to indicate success
X implement 'export' to create a local android folder
X 'stop' is now a no-op for the android tools
X partially fixed but hangs after pressing stop
X path problems finding javac.exe on vista
J figure out how to set ANDROID_SDK for the build scripts
J right now, just setting the env value is required
0183 android (pre-release)
X mention in the notes
o emulator doesn't always start the sketch the first time
X emulator stays open because it's too slow to restart it
X add notes to about.txt, and add link to it
0182 android (pre-release)
X added skewX/Y implementation
0181 android (pre-release)
X some changes to A3D
0180 android (pre-release)
X change sdk to use revision 6 (2.0.1) as the version
X change instructions on site
X add support for a default font
0179 (1.1, but no android tools)
X screenWidth/Height instead of screenW/H
X errors that happen inside events (e.g. keys) not highlighting lines
X useful stack trace information not coming through.. why?
X don't require JDK installation and PATH setting
X if using processing with java download, should be able to use its tools.jar
0178 (private)
X noLoop() is broken (draw is never called)
X fix the freakout that happens with onPause()
o solution is to call stop() to kill the thread, but that's not a pause
X app not pausing or closing when switching to another activity
o if !looping, is it necessary to call redraw() in onResume()?
X doesn't appear to be, since it gets completely rebuilt
X bezier curves were broken in A2D
X extra point is drawn connecting the shape to the corner
X fix other minor bugs in shape drawing
X mask() now implemented in A2D
X updatePixels() now work properly for A2D
X set() should now be working
X using set() on an image that doesn't have a bitmap, or has pixels loaded
X requestImage() now working
X drastically improve the performance of the time functions
X point wasn't detecting different stroke weights
X point wasn't working with strokeWeight > 1
X fix rotate() bug (was using degrees instead of radians)
X arc() now working properly
X createGraphics() works, at least with A2D (or aliases P2D and JAVA2D)
X "The application ... has stopped unexpectedly." when quitting a slow app
X Examples > Topics > Effects > Wormhole - needs work, something with resize()
X test createFont()
X createGraphics() broken
X remove legacy PGraphics3D class from
X is there a way to get a width/height default to use for surfaceChanged?
X move to eclair (donut devices will have terrible performance anyway)
X make change from src folder to assets folder for export
X what to do with other classes that rely on PApplet? (e.g. vida)
X remove drawCube() method from PApplet
X add methods to request rendering
o need to deal with fps problems with this model
o gz files not allowed, need to remove the code from createInput() et al
X or maybe not, since could still come from a site or a File?
X just can't come from the assets file..
X get stdout and stderr from the emulator/device
X remove ANDROID_SDK env variable requirement
X ANDROID_SDK doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere anymore
X this may mean that p5 might just need to get the location
X ANDROID_SDK not getting set on OS X
X timeout isn't long enough for emulator to boot and startup
X always times out on a 3 GHz OS X machine
0177 (private)
X fix error with typo in the build file:
X Open quote is expected for attribute "{1}" associated with an
X element type "android:minSdkVersion".
0176 (private)
X begin the merge of the new A3D, remove old OpenGL code
X escape slashes properly on windows (also place sdk in program files)
X writer.println("sdk.dir=" + Android.sdkPath); // r4 of the sdk
X writer.println("sdk.dir=" + Android.sdkPath.replace("\\", "\\" +"\\"));
X move back to processing.core
X need to document the rationale
X Android tools on Windows are broken due to naming changes in r4 SDK
X images with tint() starting to work
X tint() causes crash
X loadFont() now working, createFont() not tested yet
X implement library support for android
X also code folder support
0175 (private)
X fix problem with windows claiming "does not appear to contain an Android SDK"
X loadImage() and other loadXxxx() functions not yet working
X can the data folder have subfolders? - yes
0174 (private)
X not handling key characters correctly (space bar, tab, others)
X why aren't mouse drag events coming through?
X "taskdef class cannot be found" on Linux
X update to r4 of android sdk
X this release will not run on r3 or earlier
X download from local files