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Processing for Android
-Repository for all Android-related development for Processing.
+#New architecture branch
-We've moved this out from the main project so that it won't hamper progress on the desktop side, and in the hope that others will be more inclined to help and contribute on this isolated portion of the project.
+This branch is meant to test the new architecture that will allow different app publishing options (fragment-based apps, wallpaper, watchfaces, etc)
-This is primarily the source for the Android Mode, with the 'core' library found inside a subfolder of the same name.
-Please, please help us keep this code up to date and debugged by making fixes and submitting your pull requests here. The entire Processing project is developed by a tiny number of people working during their free time, and we could really use the help.
-Ben Fry
-21 April 2013
+It is highly experimental and very likely will break your code, don't use it unless you want to help us with debugging.

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