Android Mode 0256

@codeanticode codeanticode released this Jan 4, 2017 · 466 commits to master since this release

Version 4.0-beta3 of the Android mode

Compatible with Processing 3.1+

Includes support for live wallpapers, watch faces, and Cardboard apps. All is bundled with the mode, no need of additional libraries.

  • Cardboard library is now bundled with the mode: e33eb0a
  • Wearable jar is bundled in all components, because it is needed to resolve the dependencies of the watch face classes even if they are not being used in the sketch: fa61a0f
  • Don't exit app if permissions are not granted, just show warning: #238
  • Manifest file is formatted with 4 spaces indentation for better readability: #240
  • Disable mode is SDK tools don't have executable permissions and show message: #259
  • Merged fixes from mode4 branch: #267
  • Removed permission request dialog in live wallpapers, as they break renderer: #269
  • Build files, xml resources, and Java source code used to construct the Android project when building/running a sketch are now templates: #270
  • Added gradle wrapper and gradle build files to build the mode, core and cardboard libraries: #271
  • Updated wearable and GVR SDK to latest stable versions: 1.4.0 and 1.10.0, respectively: #272
  • Ported GL fixes/updates from Java mode: 081eaf6
  • Save/restore style in onPause/onResume: 92cbdc2
  • Added preApply(PMatrix) method to PMatrix: 5fd9ed1
  • Implement recording to PDF in PShapeOpenGL: 05818f3
  • Added higher resolution icons: 01ac8a9
  • Ported PApplet updates from Java mode: e934b72
  • Ported changes/fixes in data package from Java mode: 3b61f43
  • Handle setting of z coordinate in 2D shapes: 4b0d09e
  • Removed superflous permissions in watch faces and cardboard: 5c67020, c958737
  • Removed glview.onPause() call from stopThread: 0212b83
  • Added utility scripts for package update: 7f89148, 1cf0602, fb3fd58