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  • Contains a categorized list of the contributions' properties file URLs.
  • Edited by a human in three easy steps:
    1. Remember the value of Next ID at the top.
    2. Add the URL in the right category, prefixed by the next ID number.
    3. Increment the value of Next ID at the top.


  • Contains IDs of broken contributions. These will still appear in the PDE but will be disabled (greyed out).
  • Edited by a human.
  • Read by


  • Contains IDs of contributions to skip. These will not appear in the PDE. This list currently holds 2.x entries that have a 3.x counterpart, so that they are not listed twice.
  • Edited by a human.
  • Read by

  • Reads sources.conf and writes contribs.txt

  • Use it by running the following in the command line:

  • Pass in arguments for the input and output files:

     python sources.conf contribs.txt
  • Pass in arguments for the compatible Processing revisions:

     python sources.conf contribs.txt 216 227
    • Entries out of range will be skipped
    • You can use 0 to ignore the limit: python sources.conf contribs.txt 228 0


  • Contains all the data for all the contributions.
  • Generated by a machine using the script.


  • Contains all the data for the older contributions that have not been updated for the new system.
  • Edited by a human by copy/pasting/editing.

###Processing 2.x

  • Processing 2.x read data from the contributions.txt file and should only include compatible entries. This file must be generated using the script:

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