Building PDE X

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Steps for building PDE X:

  1. Fork the PDE X repository by clicking on the Fork button.
  2. Change into the directory where you want the repository to reside, and clone the online repository just forked to your PC. To do this, open the Git BASH terminal and type the following:
    git clone<username>/processing-experimental.git
  3. Import the cloned project into Eclipse.
  4. Fork the Processing repository.
  5. Clone the forked Processing repository to your PC by typing the following in the Git BASH shell:
    git clone<username>/processing
  6. In Eclipse, add the following paths in the






  • sketchbook.location can be found from the PDE by going to File>Preferences
  • <cloned_repo_location> represents the location of the just cloned Processing repository
  1. In Eclipse, right click on the processing-experimental project, go to 'Build Path', and select 'Configure Build Path...'. Under the Libraries tab, add the following JARs using the 'Add External JARs' option:
    • pde.jar (located in the cloned Processing repository at the path: processing>app)
    • org-netbeans-swing-outline.jar (located in the cloned Processing repository at the path: processing>app>lib)
    • core.jar (located in the cloned Processing repository at the path: processing>core>library)
  2. In the Eclipse menu bar, go to Window>Show View>Ant. Drag the build.xml file into the newly opened Ant view, and click on the play button. A BUILD SUCCESSFUL message should appear.

The default ant target is build. You can use the full_install target to copy the generated ExperimentalMode folder to your sketchbook/modes folder.


  • In case errors like "cannot find symbol" or "x is not public in y" are obtained, make sure that your Processing repository is up-to-date. This can be done by changing into the Processing repository directory on the Git BASH terminal and running the following:
    git pull upstream master

Above, it is assumed that the remote 'upstream' has been set to If it hasn't, this can be done by running:
git remote add upstream

  • If you get package not found errors, it probably means a required jar file is not being found by the Java compiler. This usually happens when required jar files are not present in the specified paths in the files. The exact classpath is specified in build.xml as the classpath attribute in the <javac> tag in compile ant target.

  • If after the "build successful" message, though PDE X mode may work, if the PDE console shows an error message in red (such as a java.lang.NoSuchMethodError), then it is likely that an outdated version of the PDE is being used. To solve this, either build the cloned processing repository each time you want to run a built version of PDE X, or update the PDE.

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