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@benfry benfry released this Jul 31, 2014 · 5218 commits to master since this release

This will be the final release in the 2.x series.

PROCESSING 2.2.1 (REV 0227) - 19 May 2014

A handful of bug fixes, the most prominent rolls back a change that broke
PDE X and other Modes and Tools. 

+ Bring back setIcon(Frame) for PDE X and others

+ Add additional code for crashing when the Mode is changed or new editor
  windows opened.

+ Use mouseReleased() instead of mousePressed() in the color selector, 
  otherwise it registers the release as a click in the color window

+ Missing 'version' in contribution properties file causes NullPointerException

+ A handful of fixes to Auto Format

+ Command line tools not working on OS X due to AppleDouble file boogers.

+ Make "Archive Sketch" Tool force a .zip file extension

+ Event handling modifications in video and serial libraries w/ Python Mode

+ Permit mouse PRESS to set mouseX/mouseY

+ Fix for video: the loop() method was broken in the last release.

+ Updated reference files included in the download.
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