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Fellowships 2017

The Processing Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2017 Fellowship Program. See the open call for more information.

Processing Foundation Fellowships support artists, coders, and collectives whose proposals conceive a new direction for what Processing as a software and a community can do. Projects can range from software development of the existing Processing projects (Processing, p5.js,, to creative and exploratory research for new iterations, to community outreach initiatives that address barriers to access and diversity.

A list of project ideas follows, but you are welcome to propose ideas that are not on this list. You might also consider combining elements of different ideas into one proposal.

We encourage proposals that involve investigations into what a fellow may not already know how to do. This can be initiated at any level of expertise, and we are open to applicants from all backgrounds and skill levels. We place more emphasis on proposals that demonstrate enthusiasm and innovation than technical skills.

Processing Foundation


  • Teacher communication and outreach for high schools and community colleges
  • Short and durational activities for high school classrooms related to art, science, and more



Strategy / Outreach

  • Community outreach initiatives, especially those aimed at reaching and supporting more diverse audiences.
  • Studying and improving p5.js community management, with a focus on project and community growth and sustainability.
  • Studying and improving p5.js development workflow processes (sometimes referred to as DevOps).
  • Improving documentation for contributors, to make it more accessible for beginners.

New Features

  • Creating an addon library for other functionality that could be integrated with p5.js. (Ex: OSC, local storage, database)
  • We are currently in the process of building a p5.js web editor. See the issues list for ideas.

Improving and Developing Functionality

  • Fixing bugs!
  • Working on features for Processing and p5.js to support accessibility, making it easier to use for seeing or hearing impaired programmers.
  • Continued development of [WebGL/3D functionality]. See more info.


Strategy / Outreach

  • We are very interested in community and diversity initiatives, projects that involves reaching new audiences or make getting involved with Processing more welcoming and inclusive
  • Projects that expand the Processing Development Environment (PDE) and documentation for accessibility


  • PDE Tools for classroom management for easy submission/upload, sharing, and review of sketches

Libraries, Modes, Tools

  • New templates for Libraries, Modes, and Tools that works with GitHub pages

Improving and Developing Functionality

  • Processing for Android enhancements
  • Processing Tool for syntax highlighting that uses the same format as
  • Shader editor PDE tool
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