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Starting with Processing 3.2, a templates directory has been added to the sketchbook. If you'd like to have a standard set of code that shows up every time you create a new sketch, you can add files there.

You can have one template per Mode. To set your default template for Java Mode, for instance, create a directory called Java inside the templates directory in your sketchbook. Inside that Java directory, create a file called sketch.pde. Next time you create a new sketch, all files from the Java directory will be copied to your new sketch, and the sketch.pde file will be used to create yoursketchname.pde.

If the Mode you're using has its own template, your own template will always override it.

There are no plans to support more than one template per Mode. This would be better handled by a Contributed Tool and customized to your heart's content.

Mode authors can create a template directory and its contents will automatically be copied the same way.