Tool Ideas

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Graphics Widgets

  • Bezier editor d.rifkin, Devin Rifkin
  • Timeline Editor d.rifkin, Devin Rifkin
  • General shape editor fjenett, Florian Jenett
  • Wave generator, additive tool
  • Grid, Coordinate selector, Coordinate manager
  • Timeline tool extension (Populate with easing functions, Add MIDI, Add coordinates)
  • Button creator
  • Color Selector improvement (Sample any pixel on screen, Palette generator, Import #s into code (or clipboard)
  • 3D Shape maker (Code, Tube, Surfaces (SurfaceLib), Pyramid, Torus, Teapot, Cow)
  • Wireframe or Polygon meshes tweakers
  • Landscape generator
  • OBJ viewer
  • Image animation helper
  • Sketching animation tool
  • Transition between drawing in Processing and SVG files
  • Print Ready Tool (Generates code needed to tile or scale a project for PDF and bitmaps)

Graphics Tutorial Apps

  • Trigonometry teaching tool (Explain how sin() and cos() relate the the circle and angles)
  • More math education apps
  • Famous Curves browser (Famous Curves Applet Index)
  • Shaping Functions browser (Polynomial Shaping, etc.)
  • Lighting stage for testing out lights (Place and parameterize different lights within a scene)
  • Geometry filter/distortion
  • Image filter/distortion

Environment Tweaks and Improvements

  • Export to Processing.js fjenett / Florian Jenett
  • Quick reference fjenett / Florian Jenett
  • Different font highlighting schemes (P51+, P5Beta, Geek, Rainbow)
  • Library and Tool loader/unloader (Master file referenced from, User can paste their own URL)
  • Uploader to any site (OpenProcessing, etc.)
  • GitHub integration
  • Example viewer
  • IDE Skins
  • Syntax highlighting for Web (Include links to Reference like OpenProcessing)

Coding Assistants

  • Live coding fjenett / Florian Jenett
  • Oblique Strategies sansumbrella / David Wicks
  • Mangle Selection fry / Benjamin Fry
  • Template maker
  • Variable manager / Console (Constructs map, find and replace) (in 3.0?)
  • Debugging tool (Step through code, Turn on strict mode / training wheels) (in 3.0)
  • Software map (UML)
  • Code performance evaluator, profiler
  • Finding and moving blocks of code
  • Screen setup manager tool (Remove menu bar, Create multiple windows)
  • Events the edge of frustration ("KEYJAM", visualize error message)
  • Highlight letters in your code to make messages
  • Iterator tool (or Library) (Automating variation, re-run the code to see the total results)
  • Processing stats info / visualization (Time, # of compiles, etc.)
  • Code navigation tool (Builds a navigable diagram of classes and functions)
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