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Processing 4.0 alpha 1

Revision 1270 - 18 January 2019

This is a massive update! With the help of Sam Pottinger, we're working to get Processing to run with Java 11. This will give us a more stable platform for the next few years.

In the process, there are also significant updates which include updated Java syntax support and lots of other long-awaited features.

We've started a Changes in 4.0 document to keep track of all the details.

We recommend using a different sketchbook location for 4.0, to avoid confusion with things that might be incompatible with your 3.0 work.

Sam Did a Lot of Work

  • This massive pull request has the changes that got things kicked off. It closes several issues and pull requests, including 5750, 5753, 4415, and others.
  • ANTLR has been updated from version 2 to version 4. The grammar has been updated for Java 8 and a new pre-processor created. 3054 and 3055
  • Support for Travis CI has been added. 2747
  • The macOS integration layer has been updated for Java 11. 5747
  • Nested generics now work properly. 4514
  • Several fixes for the build process. 12, 6
  • Update to JNA 5, and migrate code Native.load() calls. 7, 15
  • Fix console font spacing. 19, 20
  • Implement import static. 18, 5577
  • Fixing problems with Windows UI scaling. 21, 30
  • Fix display density detection and use GraphicsConfiguration. 32, 35, 34
  • Fix WARNING: Illegal reflective access by to field sun.awt.CGraphicsDevice.scale warning on startup.
  • Replace macOS-specific fullscreen option for setResizable(). 36
  • Several tests have been added, and are called by default during ant dist. 38, 8
  • Update from Java 11.0.2 to 11.0.5, and eventually 11.0.6. 40, 39
  • Fix Java 11 incompatibilities inside PSurfaceFX. 5286
  • Fixed Table's use of deprecated isAccessible(). 33, 3

Other Contributed Fixes

  • Disable FBO when using Intel HD 3000 Graphics. 4104, 5881
  • rotateZ() was breaking in PShapeOpenGL. 28, 41

Cross-ported from 3.5.4

Known Issues

  • Only basic updates have been made to remove references to 3.x. 48
  • A complete list of issues can be found here

Revisions for Processing 3.x and earlier have been removed. You can find them here.

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