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This module is an IRC transport that can be used to join channels on IRC servers.

End user information:

  • A XMPP client with ‘groupchat 1.0’ support or Multi-User Chat support ([XEP-0045][72]) is necessary to join IRC channels.

  • An IRC channel can be joined in nearly the same way as joining a XMPP Multi-User Chat room. The difference is that the room name will be ‘’ in case is the IRC server hosting ‘channel’. And of course the host should point to the IRC transport instead of the Multi-User Chat service.

  • You can register your nickame by sending ‘IDENTIFY password’ to nickserver!

  • Entering your password is possible by sending ‘LOGIN nick password’ to nickserver!

  • The IRC transport provides Ad-Hoc Commands ([XEP-0050][73]) to join a channel, and to set custom IRC username and encoding.

  • When using a popular XMPP server, it can occur that no connection can be achieved with some IRC servers because they limit the number of connections from one IP.


host: HostName: This option defines the Jabber ID of the service. If the host option is not specified, the Jabber ID will be the hostname of the virtual host with the prefix ‘irc.’. The keyword “@HOST@” is replaced at start time with the real virtual host name.

db_type: mnesia|sql|riak: Define the type of storage where the module will create the tables and store user information. The default is the storage defined by the global option default_db, or mnesia if omitted. If sql or riak value is defined, make sure you have defined the database, see database.

access: AccessName: This option can be used to specify who may use the IRC transport (default value: all).

default_encoding: Encoding: Set the default IRC encoding. Default value: iso8859-1


  • In the first example, the IRC transport is available on (all) your virtual host(s) with the prefix ‘irc.’. Furthermore, anyone is able to use the transport. The default encoding is set to “iso8859-15”.

        access: all
        default_encoding: "iso8859-15"
  • In next example the IRC transport is available with JIDs with prefix Moreover, the transport is only accessible to two users of, and any user of

          - "customer1": ""
          - "customer2": ""
        server: ""
        - allow: paying_customers
        access: irc_users
        host: ""
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