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Commits on Mar 30, 2015
  1. @zinid
  2. @zinid
  3. @zinid

    Add new 'default_db' option

    zinid authored
Commits on Mar 27, 2015
  1. @badlop
  2. @badlop
  3. Remove tools/configure.erl as it's not used and can cause problem wit…

    Paweł Chmielowski authored
    …h make install
  4. @badlop

    Fix even more dialyzer warnings

    badlop authored
  5. @badlop
Commits on Mar 26, 2015
  1. @badlop
  2. @badlop
  3. @badlop

    Add mod_admin_extra as a commented module

    badlop authored
    Previous commits were done with:
    for i in `git log --reverse --date-order --format=%h mod_admin_extra.erl`; do git format-patch -1 $i; cat 00* >>patch; rm 00*; done
    Then editing patch to remove unneeded files and fix path.
  4. @badlop
  5. @badlop
  6. @mremond @badlop

    Ignore errors when retrieving status if the users just got offline

    mremond authored badlop committed
    Fix possible race condition.
  7. @weiss @badlop

    mod_admin_extra: Let send_message omit subject

    weiss authored badlop committed
    Let the send_message command omit the subject if the user either
    specified an empty subject or a message type of "chat".
  8. @badlop

    Update FSF address (solves #73)

    badlop authored
  9. @hamano @badlop

    fix connected_users_info in mod_admin_extra

    hamano authored badlop committed
  10. @weiss @badlop

    mod_admin_extra: Fix private_get/private_set types

    weiss authored badlop committed
  11. @badlop
  12. @badlop

    Changed signature of user_sessions_info to take binaries rather than …

    colm authored badlop committed
    …strings as it doesn't match anything in mnesia if it searches it by string
  13. @badlop
  14. @hamano @badlop

    add send_message_normal command

    hamano authored badlop committed
  15. @hamano @badlop

    fix mod_admin_extra stats command

    hamano authored badlop committed
  16. @weiss @badlop

    mod_admin_extra: Fix stats(_host) argument types

    weiss authored badlop committed
  17. @badlop
  18. @scrogson @badlop

    Binary conversions

    scrogson authored badlop committed
  19. @scrogson @badlop

    More binary conversions

    scrogson authored badlop committed
  20. @badlop
  21. @badlop
  22. @scrogson @badlop

    Fix add_rosteritem, delete_rosteritem, and get_roster

    scrogson authored badlop committed
  23. @badlop
  24. @rahulgautam @badlop

    mod_admin_extra: for support in ejabberd-v13.x changed args from stri…

    rahulgautam authored badlop committed
    …ng to binary : all changes tested with ejabberdv13.12
  25. @badlop
  26. @badlop
  27. @badlop
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