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mod_shared_roster_ldap ldap_rfilter mangled by ejabberd #246

bklang opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Ben Klang Evgeny Khramtsov Ben Langfeld Tim Stewart Mickaël Rémond
Ben Klang

Given this setting for ldap_rfilter:

{ldap_rfilter, "(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(!(ou:dn:=groups))(memberUid=%u))"},

The following LDAP filter is submitted to the LDAP server:


Note that the part of the filter that reads (ou:dn:=groups) becomes (ou:=groups), thus breaking the filter.

Evgeny Khramtsov

Indeed, my bad.
However, from the spec (RFC 4515) it is hard to understand which parts of text filter should be put into the corresponding ASN.1 LDAP structure. Any hint would be much appreciated.

Evgeny Khramtsov zinid self-assigned this
Ben Langfeld

@zinid Am I right in thinking that this modification is going on here?

Ben Langfeld

On further reading, it looks more likely to be here, specifically here.

Evgeny Khramtsov

@benlangfeld yep, there is a problem with grammar parser.

Evgeny Khramtsov

@benlangfeld so the problem is quite severe: it's a misfeature.

Ben Langfeld

Confirmation of the above suspicion:

7> eldap_filter:parse("(ou=groups)").
8> eldap_filter:parse("(ou:dn:=groups)").
Ben Langfeld

Just dumping some more references, Section 4 of RFC2254 and this section of the parser grammar. Seem relevant.

Ben Langfeld

Note that RFC2254 has been obsoleted by RFC4515, which states:

(o:dn:=Ace Industry)
[The fourth example] denotes an equality match, except that DN components should be considered part of the entry when doing the match.

Tim Stewart

Which branch or commit of ejabberd is used in these experiments? I pulled the latest master (07501f8) and I'm getting different results. Specifically, eldap_filter:parse/1 wants a binary and (when I give it one) I get this result instead:

4> eldap_filter:parse(<<"(ou:dn:=groups)">>).

I'm not claiming this is correct, just different. :)

Ben Langfeld

This is the 2.1.x branch, @timclassic :)

Ben Langfeld

I have a candidate fix. I'm in the process of testing this with a real query.

Ben Langfeld

This is fixed by #247.

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