Nick and Subject are binaries, defaults should be binaries as well. #11

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loe commented Jan 20, 2011

Subject and Subject Author are binaries, and the record should reflect that.

loe commented Jan 22, 2011

Corrected the title, browser had filled with with previous pull topic.

badlop commented Jan 31, 2011

The nick of occupant is binary, but the subject and subject_author stored in the database are strings. When I apply your patch, ejabberd crashes.

loe commented Jan 31, 2011

Interesting, I do not store any rooms in the database, they are always in memory and via debugging I see them as binaries.

badlop commented Mar 3, 2011

I've reported this problem in

Let's keep this pull request open until the problem is solved.

@loe loe Merge branch 'master' of git:// into up…

* 'master' of git:// (39 commits)
  Fix crash when SASL PLAIN denies auth (EJAB-1425)
  Update the changed string in the PO translation files
  Change string in WebAdmin to reuse an existing one
  Update version numbers of the related: exmpp, ejabberd 2, and Erlang
  Document that ODBC tables are created by ejabberd itself (EJAB-1421)
  Only attempt to migrate an old ODBC table if it still exists
  fix PEP broadcasting (thanks to Karim Gemayel)(EJAB-1411)
  Include client namespace in CAPs queries (EJAB-1411)
  Fix bashism and remove duplicate unused option (EJAB-1404)
  Fix internal-server-error error response (EJAB-1414).
  If the port number isn't listener, then specify the protocol (EJAB-1418)
  captcha_host must have the port number to get protocol (EJAB-1418)
  ejabberdctl needs space between INET_DIST_INTERFACE (thanks to Dale Chase)(EJAB-1416)
  Fix to show correctly the command that is unknown
  Revert "Mention in release notes that Pubsub/PEP isn't ready for alpha-testing (EJAB-1393)"
  Tweak pg2_backport.erl to work with Erlang older than R13A (EJAB-1349)
  Add support for '@online@' Shared Roster Group (thanks to Martin Langhoff)(EJAB-1391)
  Forward old messages to newly spawned extauth process (thanks to Mika Seppänen)(EJAB-1385)
  fix broadcast issue (EJAB-1411)
  fix API issue for subscribe/unsubscribe (EJAB-1410)
@cromain cromain closed this Jan 14, 2013
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