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mod_shared_roster_ldap post merge fixes to upstream #32

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porridge commented Jun 8, 2012

Please ignore the previous pull request, still discovering how this github thing works.
This one has a corrected commit range. My branch is based on 2.1.x, not master!


Most changes in this branch are fixes to documentation that should have been applied at the moment mod_shared_roster_ldap was incorporated into the upstream project.

There are also some minor code refactorings: simplifications and cleanups.

Please review and comment and/or pull.


porridge added some commits May 21, 2012
@porridge porridge Minor variable rename.
The cache sizes are in numbers of items, not in seconds!
@porridge porridge Mention the LDAP query timeout for mod_shared_roster_ldap. ff2a11d
@porridge porridge Document the *_cache_size options of mod_shared_roster_ldap.
Make a new subsection for them and move the reference to roster retrevial
section elsewhere, now that the semantics are much more typical.

Also fix a typo nearby.
@porridge porridge Use the "identical" form of comparison and simplify a case condition. a06b434
@porridge porridge Drop useless attrributes from user/group filter queries.
When running an LDAP query with gfilter, we don't need to fetch "group_attr".
It used to be needed in old version of this code which fetched information for
ALL groups in one query, so it needed an attribute to distinguish groups by.
Now that we query for one group info at a time, we no longer need this.

The same applies to ufilter and the "user_uid" attribute. Moreover this
attribute is not used anywhere else, so I drop parsing and storing of the
"ldap_useruid" configuration parameter completely.
@porridge porridge Improve consistency by renaming uid*->member_attr*.
A few configuration parameters are called ldap_memberattr*, but internally in
the module their values are kept in variables/fields called uid*. This
inconsistency requires extra effort to translate in one's mind when writing
and updating documentation.

Rename some fields and variables from uid* to member_attr* to remove this
historical inconsistency.  None of these changes are visible to the user or
@porridge porridge Remove unused "filter" field.
This state field is initialized but never used.
@porridge porridge Sync mod_shared_roster_ldap documentation with code.
The module behaviour was modified in several aspects while integrating
upstream, however the documentation was never updated, and still reflected the
old behaviour.

This change brings it up to date:
 - mentioned the newly added "%u" expansion in rfilter
 - correctly describe the caching mechanism
 - correctly describe the queries being made - one per entity and not for all
   entities at once
 - dropped the ldap_useruid since it is no longer used by the module

It also adds some more information and improves consistency, wording and style:
 - a short high-level overview of the data model added at the beginning
 - made all sections which are logically below "Configuration parameters" into
   paragraphs, consistently with the first one. Also added a short introduction
   to the paragraphs.
 - made sure the various values are constently referred to as "Contact/Group
   Display Name" and "contact/group ID" and NOT as various inconsistent
   combinations of "human-readable", "user-friendly", "name", "user", "member",
 - changed the configuration parameters list to have a consistent style w.r.t.
   default values, examples, etc.
 - improved the examples for ldap_ufilter/ldap_gfilter
 - mentioned all uses of various attributes
 - changed the examples for ldap_memberattr and ldap_memberattr_format into
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