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Update chrome.manifest used when starting xulapp from source tree

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1 parent e20880b commit dadc2c7e03d676ed96a7310f126f93042af23890 @prefiks prefiks committed Jul 23, 2009
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  1. +8 −6 chrome/chrome.manifest
@@ -1,9 +1,11 @@
-content oneteam file:oneteam/content/
+content oneteam file:oneteam/content/
-locale oneteam en-US file:oneteam/locale/en-US/
-locale branding en-US file:oneteam/branding/
+locale oneteam en-US file:oneteam/locale/en-US/
+locale oneteam-branding en-US file:oneteam/branding/
-skin oneteam default file:oneteam/skin/default/
-skin oneteam classic file:oneteam/skin/default/
+skin oneteam classic/1.0 file:oneteam/skin/default/
+skin oneteam-platform classic/1.0 file:oneteam/skin/default/
+skin oneteam-platform classic/1.0 file:oneteam/skin/mac/ OS=Darwin
-resource oneteam-skin chrome/oneteam/skin/default/
+resource oneteam-skin chrome://oneteam/skin/
+resource oneteam-data chrome://oneteam/content/data/

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