Tsung is a high-performance benchmark framework for various protocols including HTTP, XMPP, LDAP, etc.
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This document gives pointers for information on this package which is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (see file COPYING).

What This Package Is

Tsung is multi-protocol distributed load testing tool.

It can be used to test the scalability and performances of IP based client/server applications (supported protocols: HTTP, WebDAV, SOAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, MQTT, AMQP and Jabber/XMPP)

A User's manual is available : http://tsung.erlang-projects.org/user_manual/


Join the mailing-list: https://lists.process-one.net/mailman/listinfo/tsung-users

or use the tracker https://github.com/processone/tsung/issues