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-export([ connect/3,connect/2, send/3, close/1, set_opts/2, protocol_options/1, normalize_incomming_data/2 ]).
protocol_options(#proto_opts{ssl_ciphers=negociate}) ->
[binary, {active, once} ];
protocol_options(#proto_opts{ssl_ciphers=Ciphers}) ->
?DebugF("cipher is ~p~n",[Ciphers]),
[binary, {active, once}, {ciphers, Ciphers} ].
%% -> {ok, Socket}
connect(Host, Port, Opts) ->
ssl:connect(Host, Port, opts_to_tcp_opts(Opts)).
connect(Socket, Opts)->
ssl:connect(Socket, opts_to_tcp_opts(Opts)).
opts_to_tcp_opts(Opts) -> Opts.
%% send/3 -> ok | {error, Reason}
send(Socket, Data, _Opts) ->
ssl:send(Socket, Data).
close(none) -> ok;
close(Socket) ->
% set_opts/2 -> socket()
set_opts(Socket, Opts) ->
ssl:setopts(Socket, Opts),
normalize_incomming_data(Socket, {ssl, Socket, Data}) ->
{gen_ts_transport, Socket, Data};
normalize_incomming_data(Socket, {ssl_closed, Socket}) ->
{gen_ts_transport, Socket, closed};
normalize_incomming_data(Socket, {ssl_error, Socket, Error}) ->
{gen_ts_transport, Socket, error, Error};
normalize_incomming_data(_Socket, X) ->
X. %%Other, non gen_tcp packet.
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