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o Nicolas Niclausse <>: Maintainer;


o Jean François Lecomte : several enhancements for Jabber

o Mickaël Rémond <>: erlang server monitoring;
  various patches for HTTP; configure support; SOAP support; initial
  dynamic substitution implementation.

o Jérome Sautret: Multiple file patch for file_server, costum header
  for HTTP, bug reports

o Jason Tucker: Solaris testing and fixes, jabber patches (sip_digest,
  roster and presence enhancements, bidi support for presence:subscribe ).

o Pablo Polvorin: LDAP plugin, set_dynvars, xpath search for html,
  for/repeat loop, dynvars_api, hibernate. PubSub and MUC support.

o Gregoire Reboul: MySQL plugin.

o Dimitri Fontaine: SNMP & postgresql testing, patch for snmp, tsung-plotter

o Oleg Nitz: Fix for Cookies over https, fix rewrite of POST (http recorder)
o David Jez: allow substitutions in match
o Will Brant: load info for monitoring, fix for tsplot
o Jonathan Bresler: Jabber testing and bug reporting
o Gordon Guthrie: tips for ssh setup on Suse
o Romain Lenglet: Suggestions for ts_os_mon
o Johann Messner: Bug reports
o Anders Nygren: Documentation updates/suggestions, fix for recorder
o Adam Spotton: Bug reports and tests (status, HTTP proxy load testing)
o Matthew Schulkind: small fix to freemem computation
o t ty: plugin tutorial
o Jesper Wilhelmsson: testing
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