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.\" This manpage has been automatically generated by docbook2man
.\" from a DocBook document. This tool can be found at:
.\" <>
.\" Please send any bug reports, improvements, comments, patches,
.\" etc. to Steve Cheng <>.
.TH "TSUNG-RECORDER" "1" "05 mars 2009" "" ""
tsung-recorder \- Proxy recorder for the tsung load testing tool.
\fBtsung-recorder\fR [ \fB-l log file\fR ] [ \fB-r command\fR ] [ \fB-p plugin\fR ] [ \fB-L listen port\fR ] [ \fB-I IP\fR ] [ \fB-P port\fR ] [ \fB-u \fR ] [ \fBstart|stop|restart|record_tag\fR ]
\fBtsung\fR is a distributed load testing
tool. It is protocol-independent and can currently be used to
stress and benchmark HTTP, WebDAV, LDAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL and
Jabber/XMPP servers. \fBtsung-recorder\fR can be
used to record sessions (only for HTTP, WebDAV and Postgresql) that can be edited and replayed later by tsung
tsung-recorder is a proxy that records a session in the
tsung native XML format; it can be used by your favorite client (browser in the case of the http plugin).
start the proxy recorder (listening port is 8090). By default the HTTP recorder is started. With the -p option, you can select another plugin. The resulting files will be created as \fI~/.tsung/tsung_recorderYYYMMDD-HH:MM.xml\fR; if it doesn't work, take a look at \fI~/.tsung/log/tsung.log-tsunami_recorder@hostname\fR
stop the proxy recorder
\fBrecord_tag value\fR
add a string (comment or tag) while recording a
session. This is useful for example to add transaction tag
while recording a session.
A manual should be available at
\fI/usr/share/doc/tsung/user_manual.html\fR\&. It
is also available online at
Specifies the log file to use. The default log file name is \fI~/tsung/log/tsung.log\fR
Specifies the plugin used for the recorder. Default is http, available: http, pgsql,webdav
Listening port for the recorder. Default is 8090
For the pgsql recorder (or parent proxy): server IP. default is
For the pgsql recorder (or parent proxy): server port. Default is 5432
For the http recorder: use a parent proxy
Please reports bugs to the mailing list
<>, see for
and \fItsung\fR(3)
\fBTsung\fR is written by Nicolas Niclausse
<>\&. Contributors list
is available in
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