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%%% Copyright 2008 © Nicolas Niclausse
%%% Author : Nicolas Niclausse <>
%%% Created: 21 oct 2008 by Nicolas Niclausse <>
%%% This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
%%% it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
%%% the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
%%% (at your option) any later version.
%%% This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
%%% but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
%%% GNU General Public License for more details.
%%% You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
%%% along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
%%% Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
%%% In addition, as a special exception, you have the permission to
%%% link the code of this program with any library released under
%%% the EPL license and distribute linked combinations including
%%% the two.
-vc('$Id: ts_os_mon_snmp.erl,v 0.0 2008/10/21 12:57:49 nniclaus Exp $ ').
%% gen_server callbacks
-export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2,
terminate/2, code_change/3]).
mon_server, % pid of mon server
pid, % pid of snmp_mgr
uri, % use as an identifier for the snmp manager
oids = [], % custom OIDS
funs, % store fun to be applied in a dict
%% SNMP definitions
%% FIXME: make this customizable in the XML config file ?
-define(SNMP_CPU_RAW_USER, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,11,50,0]).
-define(SNMP_CPU_RAW_SYSTEM, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,11,52,0]).
-define(SNMP_CPU_RAW_IDLE, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,11,53,0]).
-define(SNMP_CPU_LOAD1, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,10,1,5,1]).
-define(SNMP_MEM_BUFFER, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,4,14,0]).
-define(SNMP_MEM_CACHED, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,4,15,0]).
-define(SNMP_MEM_AVAIL, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,4,6,0]).
-define(SNMP_MEM_TOTAL, [1,3,6,1,4,1,2021,4,5,0]).
start(Args) ->
?LOGF("starting os_mon_snmp with args ~p",[Args],?NOTICE),
gen_server:start_link(?MODULE, Args, []).
%% Function: init/1
%% Description: Initiates the server
%% Returns: {ok, State} |
%% {ok, State, Timeout} |
%% ignore |
%% {stop, Reason}
init({HostStr, {Port, Community, Version, DynOIDS}, Interval, MonServer}) ->
{ok, IP} = inet:getaddr(HostStr, inet),
Apps = application:loaded_applications(),
case proplists:is_defined(snmp,Apps) of
true ->
?LOG("SNMP manager already started~n", ?NOTICE);
_ ->
?LOG("Initialize SNMP application~n", ?NOTICE),
Res1= application:start(snmp),
?LOGF("Initialize SNMP manager: ~p~n", [Res1],?NOTICE),
?LOGF("Register SNMP manager: ~p~n",[Res2], ?NOTICE),
?LOGF("SNMP initialization: ~p~n", [Res3],?NOTICE)
erlang:start_timer(5, self(), connect ),
FunsL= [{?SNMP_CPU_RAW_SYSTEM,cpu_system,sample_counter,fun(X)-> X/(Interval/1000) end},
{?SNMP_CPU_RAW_USER,cpu_user,sample_counter,fun(X)-> X/(Interval/1000) end},
{?SNMP_MEM_AVAIL,freemem,sample,fun(X)-> X/1000 end},
{?SNMP_CPU_LOAD1,load,sample,fun(X)-> X*100 end}] ++ DynOIDS,
OIDS=lists:map(fun({Oid,_Name,_Type,_Fun})-> Oid end,FunsL),
Funs=lists:foldl(fun({Oid,Name,Type,Fun},Acc)->dict:store(Oid,{Name,Type,Fun},Acc) end,dict:new(),FunsL),
?LOGF("Starting SNMP mgr on ~p~n", [IP], ?DEB),
{ok, #state{ mon_server = MonServer,
host = HostStr,
uri = "snmp://"++HostStr++":" ++ integer_to_list(Port),
port = Port,
addr = IP,
oids = OIDS,
funs = Funs,
community = Community,
version = Version,
interval = Interval}}.
%% Function: handle_call/3
%% Description: Handling call messages
%% Returns: {reply, Reply, State} |
%% {reply, Reply, State, Timeout} |
%% {noreply, State} |
%% {noreply, State, Timeout} |
%% {stop, Reason, Reply, State} | (terminate/2 is called)
%% {stop, Reason, State} (terminate/2 is called)
handle_call(_Request, _From, State) ->
Reply = ok,
{reply, Reply, State}.
%% Function: handle_cast/2
%% Description: Handling cast messages
%% Returns: {noreply, State} |
%% {noreply, State, Timeout} |
%% {stop, Reason, State} (terminate/2 is called)
handle_cast(Msg, State) ->
{stop, {unknown_message, Msg}, State}.
%% Function: handle_info/2
%% Description: Handling all non call/cast messages
%% Returns: {noreply, State} |
%% {noreply, State, Timeout} |
%% {stop, Reason, State} (terminate/2 is called)
handle_info({timeout,_Ref,connect},State=#state{uri=URI, addr=IP,port=Port,community=Community,version=Version}) ->
ok = snmpm:register_agent("tsung",URI,
?LOGF("SNMP mgr started; remote node is ~p~n", [URI],?INFO),
erlang:start_timer(State#state.interval, self(), send_request ),
{noreply, State};
handle_info({timeout,_Ref,send_request},State=#state{uri=URI,oids=OIDS}) ->
?LOGF("SNMP mgr; get data from host ~p~n", [URI],?DEB),
snmp_get(URI, OIDS, State),
erlang:start_timer(State#state.interval, self(), send_request ),
handle_info(Message, State) ->
{stop, {unknown_message, Message} , State}.
%% Function: terminate/2
%% Description: Shutdown the server
%% Returns: any (ignored by gen_server)
terminate(_Reason, _State) ->
%% Func: code_change/3
%% Purpose: Convert process state when code is changed
%% Returns: {ok, NewState}
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
{ok, State}.
%%% Internal functions
%% Function: analyse_snmp_data/3
%% Returns: any (send msg to ts_mon)
analyse_snmp_data(Args, Host, State) ->
analyse_snmp_data(Args, Host, [], State).
%% Function: analyse_snmp_data/4
analyse_snmp_data([], _Host, Resp, State) ->
analyse_snmp_data([Val=#varbind{value='NULL'}| Tail], Host, Stats, State) ->
?LOGF("SNMP: Skip void result (~p) ~n", [Val],?DEB),
analyse_snmp_data(Tail, Host, Stats, State);
%% FIXME: this may not be accurate: if we lost packets (the server is
%% overloaded), the value will be inconsistent, since we assume a
%% constant time across samples ($INTERVAL)
analyse_snmp_data([#varbind{variabletype='NULL'}| Tail], Host, Stats, State) ->
%% skip bad values
analyse_snmp_data(Tail, Host, Stats, State);
analyse_snmp_data([#varbind{oid=?SNMP_CPU_RAW_SYSTEM, value=Val}| Tail], Host, Stats, State) ->
{value, User} = lists:keysearch(?SNMP_CPU_RAW_USER, #varbind.oid, Tail),
Value = Val + User#varbind.value,
CountName = {cpu , Host},
NewValue = Value/(State#state.interval/1000),
NewTail = lists:keydelete(?SNMP_CPU_RAW_USER, #varbind.oid, Tail),
analyse_snmp_data(NewTail, Host, [{sample_counter, CountName, NewValue}| Stats], State);
analyse_snmp_data([User=#varbind{oid=?SNMP_CPU_RAW_USER}| Tail], Host, Stats, State) ->
%%put this entry at the end, this will be used when SYSTEM match
analyse_snmp_data(Tail ++ [User], Host, Stats, State);
analyse_snmp_data([#varbind{oid=OID, value=Val}| Tail], Host, Stats, State=#state{funs=F}) ->
{DataName, Type, Fun} = dict:fetch(OID,F),
Value = Fun(Val),
Name = {DataName,Host},
?LOGF("Analyse SNMP: ~p:~p:~p ~n", [Type, Name, Value],?DEB),
analyse_snmp_data(Tail, Host, [{Type, Name, Value}| Stats], State).
%% Function: snmp_get/3
%% Description: ask a list of OIDs to the given snmp_mgr
snmp_get("snmp://"++Host, [], State, _TimeOut, Results )->
snmp_get(URI, [OIDs|Tail], State, TimeOut,PrevRes)->
?LOGF("Running snmp get ~p ~p~n", [URI,OIDs], ?DEB),
Res = snmpm:sync_get("tsung",URI,OIDs,TimeOut),
?LOGF("Res ~p ~n", [Res], ?DEB),
case Res of
{ok,{noError,_,Results},_Remaining} ->
snmp_get(URI, Tail, State, TimeOut, Results++PrevRes);
{error, {send_failed,_,tooBig}} ->
%% split the OID list in two, and retry
?LOGF("SNMP: too big packet, split and retry (~p)~n", [URI], ?INFO),
snmp_get(URI, tuple_to_list(lists:split(length(OIDs) div 2, OIDs)), State, TimeOut, PrevRes);
Other ->
?LOGF("SNMP Error:~p for ~p~n", [Other, URI], ?WARN),
{error, Other}
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