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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE tsung SYSTEM "@prefix@/share/@PACKAGE_NAME@/@DTD@">
<tsung loglevel="notice" version="1.0">
<client host="localhost" use_controller_vm="true"></client>
<!-- Server side setup -->
<server host="" port="5222" type="tcp"></server>
<arrivalphase phase="1" duration="1" unit="minute">
<users interarrival="2" unit="second"></users>
<!-- JABBER parameters -->
<!-- to synchronise users, use a global acknoledgement -->
<option type="ts_jabber" name="global_number" value="100"></option>
<option type="ts_jabber" name="userid_max" value="10000"></option>
<option type="ts_jabber" name="domain" value=""></option>
<option type="ts_jabber" name="username" value="user"></option>
<option type="ts_jabber" name="passwd" value="pass"></option>
<option type="ts_jabber" name="muc_service" value=""/>
<!-- full name of the MUC component -->
<session bidi="true" probability="100" name="jabber-muc" type="ts_jabber">
<request> <jabber type="connect" ack="no_ack"></jabber> </request>
<thinktime value="2"></thinktime>
<transaction name="authenticate">
<request> <jabber type="auth_get" ack="local"></jabber> </request>
<request> <jabber type="auth_set_plain" ack="local"></jabber> </request>
<request> <jabber type="presence:initial" ack="no_ack"/> </request>
<thinktime value="2"></thinktime>
<transaction name="roster">
<request> <jabber type="iq:roster:get" ack="local"></jabber></request>
<thinktime value="30"></thinktime>
<!-- choose room name and nick. -->
<setdynvars sourcetype="random_number" start="1" end="100">
<var name="room"/>
<setdynvars sourcetype="random_string" length="10">
<var name="nick1"/>
<!-- join an existing room or create a new one -->
<request subst="true"> <jabber type='muc:join' ack = "local" room = "room%%_room%%" nick = "%%_nick1%%"/> </request>
<for from="1" to="4" var="i">
<thinktime value="45"/>
<transaction name="online_chat">
<request subst="true"> <jabber type="muc:chat" ack="no_ack" size="16" room = "room%%_room%%"/> </request>
<!-- choose a new nickname -->
<thinktime value="2"/>
<setdynvars sourcetype="random_string" length="10">
<var name="nick2"/>
<request subst="true"><jabber type="muc:nick" room="room%%_room%%" nick="%%_nick2%%" ack="no_ack"/></request>
<for from="1" to="2" var="i">
<thinktime value="35"/>
<transaction name="online_chat">
<request subst="true"> <jabber type="muc:chat" ack="no_ack" size="16" room="room%%_room%%"/> </request>
<transaction name="close">
<request> <jabber type="close" ack="no_ack"></jabber> </request>
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