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users has to be already registered:
IDX-TSUNAMI users name : cXX
passwd: pasXX
where XX is a integer between 1 and the maximum number of users (say 1000000).
or you can use jabber_register (see below).
optional parameters: (can be set in idx-tsunamirc file)
N_ROSTER_CLIENTS=6 (see below)
modules implemented for the Jabber protocol:
- jabber_common: module regrouping common functions for building
- jabber_online: simulate users sending 'chat' messages to online clients only.
- jabber_unique: simulate users sending 'chat' messages to a single user.
%% REM: kesquisepasse avec plusieurs beams ???
- jabber_offline: simulate users sending 'chat' messages to offline clients
- jabber_auth: simulate users that connects to ther server and then
leave without sending messages.
- jabber_roster: simulate users sending presence, roster:set and
roster:get messages.
Each client send N_ROSTER_CLIENTS type='subscribed' messages, and
after upload their roster MESSAGES_NUMBER times.
the variable N_ROSTER_CLIENTS (6 by default) can be changed in the
config file.
- jabber_register: each simultated user send a jabber:iq:register,
type=set message to the server.
- jabber_dynamic: simulate users sending "dynamic" chat messages
(messages are build on the fly by the process, and not at the startup
time like other messages. This allow you to use a really big value for
MESSAGES_NUMBER without taking too much memory).
NOTE: currently, no XML parsing is done by the receiving process.
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