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# $Id$
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 General
1.2 What This Package Is
2. Getting Things Installed
2.1 Dependencies
2.2 Compilation and Installation
2.3 Problems/Bugs
2.4 Platform Issues
1. Introduction
1.1. General
This document gives pointers for information on this package which is
distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (see file
1.2. What This Package Is
The purpose of IDX-TSUNAMI is to simulate users in order to test
the scalability and performances of IP based client/server
applications. Currently, HTTP and Jabber protocol have been
implemented and tested, but it can be easily extended (see
doc/Design.txt). IDX-TSUNAMI use the Erlang language.
This tool can simulate thousands of users concurrently, and can be
distributed on several client machines. Up to 10000 users can be
simulated on a single machine (the limit depends on the hardware and
also on the activity of the simulated clients).
A User's manual is available :
1.3. Problems/Bugs
Submit bug reports/ask questions to
Or join the mailing-list:
1.4. Platform Issues
This package has only be tested on Linux. It should work
on Erlang supported platforms (Solaris, *BSD, and maybe Win32)
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