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%% Generated by the Erlang ASN.1 compiler version:1.4.5
%% Purpose: Erlang record definitions for each named and unnamed
%% SEQUENCE and SET, and macro definitions for each value
%% definition,in module ELDAPv3
messageID, protocolOp, controls = asn1_NOVALUE}).
attributeDesc, assertionValue}).
type, vals}).
resultCode, matchedDN, errorMessage, referral = asn1_NOVALUE}).
controlType, criticality = asn1_DEFAULT, controlValue = asn1_NOVALUE}).
version, name, authentication}).
mechanism, credentials = asn1_NOVALUE}).
resultCode, matchedDN, errorMessage, referral = asn1_NOVALUE, serverSaslCreds = asn1_NOVALUE}).
baseObject, scope, derefAliases, sizeLimit, timeLimit, typesOnly, filter, attributes}).
type, substrings}).
matchingRule = asn1_NOVALUE, type = asn1_NOVALUE, matchValue, dnAttributes = asn1_DEFAULT}).
objectName, attributes}).
type, vals}).
object, modification}).
operation, modification}).
type, vals}).
entry, attributes}).
type, vals}).
entry, newrdn, deleteoldrdn, newSuperior = asn1_NOVALUE}).
entry, ava}).
requestName, requestValue = asn1_NOVALUE}).
resultCode, matchedDN, errorMessage, referral = asn1_NOVALUE, responseName = asn1_NOVALUE, response = asn1_NOVALUE}).
-define('maxInt', 2147483647).
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