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%% xpath_functions.erl
%% @author Pablo Polvorin
%% @doc Some core xpath functions that can be used in xpath expressions
%% created on 2008-05-07
%% Default functions.
%% The format is: {FunctionName, fun(), FunctionSignature}
%% @type FunctionName = atom()
%% @type FunctionSignature = [XPathType]
%% @type XPathType = node_set | string | number | boolean
%% The engine is responsable of calling the function with
%% the correct arguments, given the function signature.
default_functions() ->
{'count',fun count/2,[node_set]},
{'name',fun 'name'/2,[node_set]},
{'starts-with', fun 'starts-with'/2,[string,string]},
{'substring', fun substring/2,[string,number,number]},
{'sum', fun sum/2,[node_set]},
{'string-length', fun 'string-length'/2,[string]}
%% @doc Function: number count(node-set)
%% The count function returns the number of nodes in the
%% argument node-set.
count(_Ctx,[NodeList]) ->
%% @doc Function: string name(node-set?)
'name'(_Ctx,[[{Tag,_,_}|_]]) ->
%% @doc Function: boolean starts-with(string, string)
%% The starts-with function returns true if the first argument string
%% starts with the second argument string, and otherwise returns false.
'starts-with'(_Ctx,[Left,Right]) ->
Size = size(Right),
case Left of
<<Right:Size/binary,_/binary>> -> true;
_ -> false
%% @doc Function: string substring(string, number, number?)
%% The substring function returns the substring of the first argument
%% starting at the position specified in the second argument with length
%% specified in the third argument
substring(_Ctx,[String,Start,Length]) when is_binary(String)->
Before = Start -1,
After = size(String) - Before - Length,
case (Start + Length) =< size(String) of
true ->
<<_:Before/binary,R:Length/binary,_:After/binary>> = String,
false ->
%% @doc Function: number sum(node-set)
%% The sum function returns the sum, for each node in the argument
%% node-set, of the result of converting the string-values of the node
%% to a number.
sum(_Ctx,[Values]) ->
lists:sum(lists:map(fun mochiweb_xpath_utils:number_value/1,Values)).
%% @doc Function: number string-length(string?)
%% The string-length returns the number of characters in the string
%% TODO: this isn't true: currently it returns the number of bytes
%% in the string, that isn't the same
'string-length'(_Ctx,[String]) ->
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