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add spec file for building rpm package.

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@nniclausse nniclausse authored
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  1. +61 −0 idx-tsunami.spec
61 idx-tsunami.spec
@@ -0,0 +1,61 @@
+%define name idx-tsunami
+%define version 1.0.beta7
+%define release 1
+Summary: A distributed multi-protocol load testing tool.
+Name: %{name}
+Version: %{version}
+Release: %{release}
+License: GPL
+Vendor: IDEALX S.A.S.
+Packager: Nicolas Niclausse <>
+Group: Development/Tools
+BuildArch: noarch
+BuildRequires: erlang-otp, xmerl >= 0.19
+Requires: erlang-otp >= R9C_0, xmerl >= 0.19
+BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-buildroot
+Prefix: %{_prefix}
+ IDX-Tsunami is a distributed load testing tool.
+ It is protocol-independent and can currently be used to stress and
+ benchmark HTTP and Jabber servers.
+ It simulates user behaviour using an XML description file, reports
+ many measurements in real time (statistics can be customized with
+ transactions, and graphics generated using gnuplot).
+ For HTTP, it supports 1.0 and 1.1, has a proxy mode to record
+ sessions, supports GET and POST methods, Cookies, and Basic
+ WWW-authentication. It also has support for SSL.
+ .
+ More information is available at .
+%configure --target=i386-redhat-linux
+%doc /usr/share/doc/idx-tsunami/*
+%doc /usr/share/man/man1/idx-tsunami.1.gz
+* Mon Aug 9 2004 Nicolas Niclausse <> 1.0.beta7-1
+- initial rpm
+# end of file
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