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@@ -403,6 +403,15 @@ \subsection{Acknowledgements of messages}
\varname{global\_number} users
+\strong{New in 1.2.2:} This version adds an new option for a
+session. if you set the attribute \varname{bidi} (for bidirectional)
+in the \varname{session} tag: \userinput{<session ... bidi='true'>},
+then incoming messages from the server will be analysed. Currently,
+only roster subscription requests are handled: if a user received a
+subscription request (\userinput{<presence ... type='subscribe'>}), it
+will respond with a \userinput{<presence ... type='subscribed'>}
\subsection{Status: Offline, Connected and Online}
You can send messages to offline or online users. A user is considered

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