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BOSH support for TSUNG (TECH-1044).

To use BOSH, you need to change the server config of tsung, instead of

<server .... type="tcp"  port="5222"></server>
you must use:
<server .... type="bosh" port="5280"></server>

Note that BOSH uses xmpp 1.0, one must use SASL to authenticate.
In the generated reports, a new graph is included, showing
the # of HTTP connections and requests made. # of requests should
be much bigger than # of connections, as we are using persistent

Reported network traffic includes overhead by BOSH/HTTP protocol for POST
request it *DO NOT* include the HTTP overhead for responses.

	normal HTTPS sessions are broken, I need to add ts_ssl implementing
        the same API than ts_tcp, ts_bosh.
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1 parent 132b8cc commit fa26412d79a4dd8ffced6b41f0ae9c5d9ec66369 @ppolv ppolv committed Jul 14, 2010
@@ -43,13 +43,21 @@
[% IF async %]
+ [% IF bosh %]<th>BOSH</th>[% END %]
<a href="images/">
<img class="graph" src="images/graphes-Async-rate.png" alt="req/sec"/>
+[% IF bosh %]
+ <td>
+ <a href="images/">
+ <img class="graph" src="images/graphes-Bosh-rate.png" alt="req/sec"/>
+ </a>
+ </td>
+[% END %]
[% END %]
<tr><th>Network traffic</th><th>New Users</th></tr>
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