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Failed to load latest commit information. update amqp: add multiple channel, add waitForConfirms and waitForMes… add examples for BOSH and Jabber starttls add fs example + fix dtd change version 1.4.3a -> 1.5.0a (since the plugin API has changed a b… [TECH-1154] OAuth support add <session_setup> tag in arrivalphase to change the popularities of… merge minor fixes from release 1.2.0 TSUN-266 #close End of work on request tagging url, add doc and tests remove deprecated gregexp module fix xml + add validating test for muc config file add interaction_server Fix the incorrect syntax. use Unix-style line termination use Unix-style line termination change parse_bidi API: add a way to jump to the next request (using t… - ldap example update examples: add will options use Unix-style line termination random thinktime using a given range (TSUN-80) add documentation and example for ts_raw plugin fix computation of NUsers (TSUN-199) (and some use case with arrivalr… fix computation of NUsers (TSUN-199) (and some use case with arrivalr… add example for websocket session
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