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Web VR Therapeutic Psychedelia

Experiment in Spontaneous Meditation

Is it possible to stimulate spontaneous meditation? Can a virtual space be created that draws the full attention of your senses, returning them restored and complete?

This is an experiment in transformation. Removing ourselves from our bodies and clearing our minds for a moment of wonder.

While I learn new frameworks and methods I typically slip into a mindset where the technology carries me. I lose myself in the process as the feedback of each line of experimentation influences the next decision. A flow state occurs during this back-forth of technology and grey-matter. After what seems like a moment, I snap awake, finding myself in a new world.


  • A-Frame
  • Google Cardboard
  • Vanilla JavaScript


  • generate single sphere element
  • generate groups of elements
  • control behavior of element groups
  • animation testing
  • animation randomization
  • develop element&animation organization


  • integrate a higher sense of telepresence
  • access accelerometer
  • access web audio API