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ProcessWire 3.x Default Site Profile

Direct output / beginner version

The default site profile comes in 3 different versions: beginner, intermediate, and multi-language. The truth is, they are all equally simple (and all for beginners), but we are anxious to get you working with ProcessWire as quickly and easily as possible, so wanted to show you a couple different ways of doing things. We've found that some people just getting started with ProcessWire may be more likely to catch on quickly with the beginner version of the default site profile. Not because it's necessarily simpler, but because it uses a strategy similar to what you may have used elsewhere, called direct output.

To install

Depending on your version of ProcessWire, you may already have this site profile included with the core, in which case you do not need to download it. If you find that you do not already have it, follow the instructions below:

  • To use this site profile, you must first have a copy of ProcessWire that has not yet gone through the installation process.

  • Copy the files from this repository into a /site-beginner/ directory in your web root (or wherever ProcessWire’s install.php file is located).

  • Open the URL where you've copied ProcessWire's files to in your web browser. The installer should start, and when it asks you what site profile you want to install, you should see this profile there. Select it and continue installation.


ProcessWire installation profile: default / beginner edition that uses the direct output strategy.






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