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Workshop code for TDD, DDD & Teamwork
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TDD, DDD & Teamwork

Before the workshop

We have little time and lot's to do. Please take the time to prepare beforehand, so we can all get the most out of the workshop. If there are any issues or comments please contact us on Twitter or mail:


Please clone this project and run the tests. If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Using Docker: (You need to sudo if your user is not part of dockerusers)
    • chmod +x install runtest
    • ./install
    • ./runtest
  • Using composer:
    • composer install
    • vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.xml.dist


One of the goals of this workshop is to test your attitude. Please think about and answer these following questions to get a basic understanding. It doesn't have to be perfect and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Please note that "tend to" does not mean one or the other exclusively. Just go with the first choice that comes up for you.

  • At the start of a new project, I tend to
    • Think big and work out the general picture
    • Work out some details and start coding to get a better understanding
  • While coding...
    • I only start coding when I see the bigger picture
    • I regularly throw code away and start over
  • I can easily talk and type at the same time
    • disagree
    • agree
  • When someone shares an idea with me, I tend to
    • See potential problems and risks
    • Get ideas of my own
  • When I face an obstacle I tend to
    • sit down and get to the bottom of it
    • park it and work on something else for a bit

The more questions you have answered with the first answer, the more we think you tend to pessimism. In short we think this means you tend to converge easier than diverge and that you tend to push on the brakes more than the gas.

The more questions have have answered with the second answer, the more we think you tend towards optimism. In short we think this means you tend to diverge easier than converge and that you tend to push on the gas more than the brakes.

During the workshop

We will divide you up into teams of four and hand out your assignments, preferably mixed nicely between optimists and pessimists.


  • Be kind, considerate and respectful
  • Listen; allow your peers space and time
  • No one is required to "drive"/type


The first hour of the workshop will focus on TDD, the second hour will focus on Teamwork and the third hour will focus on DDD.

Good luck!

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