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Supported EMS Devices

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Most Bosch branded boilers that support the Logamatic EMS bus protocols work with this design. This includes Nefit, Buderus, Worcester, Junkers and Sieger (all copyrighted). Please make sure you read the Disclaimer carefully before sending ambiguous messages to your EMS bus as you could cause serious damage to your equipment.

EMS devices are being constantly added to the database (see file ems_devices.h) on each new release. The telnet command devices all will list all supported device models.


  • Buderus RC10, RC20, RC20F, RC30, R35, RC300, RC310, RC3000
  • Buderus Logamatic TC100 (read-only)
  • Nefit Moduline 100, 300, 400, 1010, 3000
  • Nefit Moduline Easy (read-only)
  • Bosch CW100, Easy Control/CT200 (read-only)
  • Junkers FR10, FR50, FR100, FR110, FW100, FW120
  • Sieger ES73


  • Buderus GBx72, GB162, GB152, GB125, Logamax U122, Logamax Plus GB192, Logamax Plus GB122, Logano
  • Bosch Condens 2500
  • Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 550CDi
  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i
  • Junkers Cerapur, Junkers Heatronic 3 boilers
  • Nefit Proline, Trendline, Topline, Enviline, Smartline
  • Sieger BK13 and BK15 Boiler

Solar Modules:

  • Buderus SM10, SM50, SM100 Solar Module
  • Junkers ISM1 Solar Module

Mixing Modules:

  • Buderus MM10, MM50, MM100, MM200 Mixer Module

Heat Pump Modules:

  • Buderus HeatPump Module

Other devices:

  • Generic Buderus MC10 Module
  • Buderus WM10 Switch Module
  • Buderus RFM20 Receiver
  • Buderus BC10, BC25, BC40 Base Controller
  • Buderus Web Gateway KM200
  • Nefit Moduline Easy Connect
  • Bosch Easy Connect
  • EMS-OT OpenTherm converter
  • Junkers Controller
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