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Prodo is a React framework to build apps faster.
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Prodo is a React framework to write performant and scalable web apps with as little boilerplate as possible. View the Documentation. Join us on Slack!

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Key benefits

  • 🎉 Drastically simplified state management
  • Absolutely minimal boilerplate, especially compared to Redux
  • ⚡️ Blazingly fast re-rendering, similar to MobX
  • 👯‍♀️ Handles async actions out of the box
  • 🔎 First class support for TypeScript
  • Easily testable
  • 🚀 Less to learn and shorter ramp up time
  • 💪 Powerful plugins for routing, local storage, authentication, database, and more...

Show me the code

Define your model:

// src/model.ts
import { createModel } from "@prodo/core";

interface State {
  count: number;

export const model = createModel<State>();
export const { state, watch, dispatch } = model.ctx;

Use your state:

// src/index.tsx
import { model, state, dispatch, watch } from "./model";

const changeCount = (amount: number) => {
  state.count += amount;

const App = () => (
    <button onClick={() => dispatch(changeCount)(-1)}>-</button>
    <h1>Count: {watch(state.count)}</h1>
    <button onClick={() => dispatch(changeCount)(1)}>+</button>

const { Provider } = model.createStore({
  initState: {
    count: 0,

    <App />

As you can see in the above example, the state type was used once and everything else is automatically inferred.


There are some examples on CodeSandbox that you can view and edit.

There are also many example apps that use Prodo in examples/. We recommend looking at.

Running an example

Navigate to the example directory. For example:

cd examples/todo-app

Install dependencies


Run development server

yarn start

Navigate to localhost:8080.

Some examples have tests. You can run the tests with

yarn test

How to help?

  • Help us gauge interest by starring this repository if you like what you see!
  • Give feedback by opening an issue.
  • Contribute code by opening a PR. See CONTRIBUTING for information on how to contribute code to the project.

Where to go next?

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