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1 About

This repository contains the source code for the Build Yelp in React | React Hooks Tutorial provided by

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2. Demo

Please check out the videos on Youtube

Yelp Home

3. Screenshots

The application uses real data by leveraging the Yelp Fusion API.

3.1. Home

Yelp Home

3.2. Search for businesses / restaurants

Yelp Search

4. Caveats

  • This app uses the CORS Anywhere because the Yelp Fusion REST API is meant for server to server communication and does not support CORS
  • For the sake of the tutorial, we decided to proxy all request through CORS Anywhere so we can focus on building the frontend part of the application.
  • You should not run this in production because you would expose a Bearer token on the client side. We only did this so that this tutorial can focus on the frontend. Later on we might develop a server for this application as well if people express enough interest.
  • DO NOT commit your bearer token to source control if you work on a public repository.

5. How to run this Application

This application looks pretty much the same like the original Yelp website.

It leverages the free Yelp Fusion REST API for which you need an API key.

  1. Head over to the Yelp Fusion API documentation
  2. Click on Create App and sign in if you haven't done so already
  3. Once you have signed in, click on the Get Started button. If you already have an app, then you will already see the API key
  4. Fill out the form for creating a new app
  5. Copy the generated API key. This is a bearer token that must be put inside the header of each request
  6. Navigate to the src/hooks/yelp-api/config.js file and assign the BEARER_TOKEN variable the following content
    const BEARER_TOKEN = '<your-token-here>'
  7. Install the dependencies by running npm install or yarn install
  8. Run the app with npm start or yarn start

6. Used Technologies

7. Disclaimer

This project is solely intended for educational purposes and is created under fair use.

It is not intended to create any kind of Yelp competitor, but to teach advanced concepts in frontend development.

Just see it a nice educational project that will help you to improve your coding skills.