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A python bot posting tweets to a diaspora account
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A small python 3.x script to replicate tweets on a Diaspora pod. It is based on by Christian Quest

The script only need Diaspora login/pass to post toots.

It gets the tweets from RSS available at, then does some cleanup on the content:

  • twitter tracking links ( are dereferenced
  • twitter hosted pictures are retrieved and uploaded to Diaspora

A sqlite database is used to keep track of tweets than have been posted.

The script is simply called by a cron job and can run on any server.


# install diaspy
git clone
cd diaspy
sudo python3 install
cd ..

# clone this repo
git clone
cd twitter2diaspora

# install other required python modules
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt


python3 <twitter_pseudo> <diaspora_username> <diaspora_password> <diaspora_domain>


python3 s04 s04bot **password**

It's up to you to add this in your crontab :)

# fire the bot every hour
0 * * * * cd /path/to/twitter2diaspora/; ./ s04 s04bot **password**
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