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ML Idea Generator


In a world of infinite machine learning opportunities or use cases, how do we pursue any one model? In other words, how do we decide on which machine learning model to develop? With ml-idea-generator, we will answer this question. For this project, I propose we use Google Trends to find the most commonly searched prediction-related phrases on Google. This information will give us an indication on which model we can dedicate our time and resources to.


Clone the repo and change directory to it

$ git clone
$ cd machine-learning-idea-generator

Install requirements

$ pipenv install
$ pipenv shell


Retrieve Google Trends Interest Over Time for up to five keywords:

$ python3

This command generates output.csv file


The data folder contains search_phrases_on_google.txt, a dataset which contains ML-related keywords. This dataset can be for analysis with Google Trends script

To Do

  • Implement a script to iterate through data/search_phrases_on_google.txt while adhering to Google Trend's five term search limitation. Learn more here.
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