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Request: Allow to pass custom inflectors to the Dispatch component. #132

ignace opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Ignace Tony R Quilkey

By default modules and controllers are formatted like below:

$this->module = $this->payload->has('module') ? ucfirst(strtolower($this->payload->get('module'))) : '';
$this->controller = $this->payload->has('controller') ? ucfirst(strtolower($this->payload->get('controller'))) : '';

I would like to be able to pass a custom inflector to change how these should look either by passing inflectors to the Dispatch component or in the Payload:

$this->module = $this->payload->has('module') ? $this->payload->get('module') : '';
$this->controller = $this->payload->has('controller') ? $this->payload->get('controller') : '';

So that when someone adheres to an all-lowercase directory/file convention it does not conflict on case sensitive OS.

Tony R Quilkey
trq commented

@ignace I don't suppose you want to have a crack at implementing this?

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