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Lazarus drag drop component using platform native drag drop mechanism
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This is a Lazarus package with a component that can act as a drag source for drag-drop to other applications. Its using the widgetset API to access the underlying platform DnD protocol.

The license is LGPL with static linking exception, so it can be used like any other LCL component or maybe one day even included in Lazarus itself.

Currently implemented widgetsets:

  • Gtk2
  • Win32
  • Qt4


Install this package in Lazarus. Place the component on a form and connect its Control property to one of the controls on your form. Make sure that you leave the LCL internal drag/drop properties at their default values (DragMode:=dmManual) so that LCL would not attempt to invoke its own proprietary internal dragdrop procedure.

Implement one (or more) of the OnDragGetXxxx events. Which ones you implement will determine which kind of data will be advertised to the target application. The drop target will choose one of these formats (if it supports it) and then call the corresponding OnDragGetXxx.

The drag sorce component will listen to OnMouseDown and OnMouseMove events of the control to which it is connected and detect the drag operation and start it when you click left and move 5 pixels. The above mouse events will still work for your control and can be used like normal, only when the drag gesture is detected the drag-drop will take modal mouse control until the drag/drop operation ends.


Here is how to drag files. Of course this is a stupid example but it demonstrates how the data is expected to look like.

procedure TForm1.DSDragGetFileList(Sender: TObject; FileList: TStringList);
  // The TStringList exists already, just fill it with data
  // file names are expected to be UTF8 encoded.
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