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commit fbbe21a99ca43b1b9384aac4bc88529ddb5d9bd8 1 parent 39ef114
Bernd Kreuss authored September 08, 2012

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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ their default values (DragMode:=dmManual) so that LCL would not
23 23
 attempt to invoke its own proprietary internal dragdrop procedure.
24 24
25 25
 Implement one (or more) of the OnDragGetXxxx events. Which ones you
-implement will deterimine which kind of data will be advertised to the
+implement will determine which kind of data will be advertised to the
27 27
 target application. The drop target will choose one of these formats
28 28
 (if it supports it) and then call the corresponding OnDragGetXxx.
29 29

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