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If you are looking for TorChat (the original Python implementation) then please switch to the torchat_py branch. For downloads of the latest versions please see the downloads section:

Please don't use the master branch at all, it still points to torchat_py but will soon be moved, if you have own work based on master then please rebase it to torchat_py.

This branch torchat2 is a rewrite from scratch, using Lazarus + Free Pascal. This will make it easier to create plugins for existing IM applications and also allows to easily generate code for a wider range of platforms, especially mobile devices like Android and iPhone.

At the moment this branch is mainly used to develop a plugin for libpurple (the Pidgin-IM) which will be the first thing that you can expect to come out of this branch, later (once this works) there will also be a standalone GUI that will completely replace the current Python implementation (Don't worry, the python version will stay here in the torchat_py branch, it is the reference implementation of the protocol, I'm still using it myself as protocol documentation and to test other implementations against it, it will not go away)


If you want to buy me a beer (very much appreciated) you can do so via

  • BitCoin: 18hmynLnHC44XiGiiPqfuTL3M4xPeJ5KqW
  • PayPal:
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