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Prototype workload allocation modeller

This is a simple prototype django web app for working out approximate distribution of workload in a Higher Education environment. It also has some ancillary features such as the ability to allocate short tasks and remind staff about their completion and track module and exam QA processes.

Free and Open Source Software

This is Free and Open Source Software. You are free to use it in your institution.

Key Features

Some of the current key features of this software are:

  • Allows staff, activities and models to be split into "Work Packages", which typically can be used for a given department in a given academic year. The model may vary from year to year.
  • Promotes transparency by allowing those staff within the model to their workload in relation to their peers.
  • Allows activities to be split across types and categories.
  • Allows activities to be allocated against 1-3 semesters to help analyse loading across an academic year.
  • Activities can be allocated by hours or percentages of overall time.
  • Loading can be viewed by staff but also by modules to help identify gaps.
  • Can store details on "projects" like Research Grants to add loading to relevant staff.
  • Generators can be created to add workload to multiple users.

There are some additional features, which may eventually be split into a second app.

  • Allows tasks to be set against individual staff or groups and self certification of completion.
  • Can email staff task reminders
  • Allows assessment and moderation items to be handled securely online.

More detailed information can be found in the Wiki