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@@ -15,10 +15,9 @@ i.e. `pb.gz`, or [Go runtime traces](
Collector persists the data in a plugable storage.
It also provides an API for querying and retrieving stored profiles.

The only storage implemented currently uses [Badger](

*Note: it's tempting to split collector into two separate applications (collector and querier).
That might inctease service's scalability. But is the subject of future research.*
Currently implemented storages:
- `storage/badger`, keeps data in [Badger DB](;
- `storage/s3`, stores data in s3-compatible object storage service.

### Agent

@@ -28,11 +28,13 @@ To build and start profefe collector, run:

> make
> ./BUILD/profefe -addr :10100 -log.level debug -badger.dir /tmp/profefe
> ./BUILD/profefe -addr :10100 -log.level debug -badger.dir /tmp/profefe-data
2019-06-06T00:07:58.499+0200 info profefe/main.go:86 server is running {"addr": ":10100"}

`./BUILD/profefe -help` will print the list of available options.


You can build a docker image with the collector running the command:

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