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Lightweight zero-config alternative to lightbox
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What is Automage?

Automage is a lightweight alternative to lightbox. The goal is to keep it free from configuration, while providing a tasty way of showing images on a website.


Are there any dependencies?

Yesh. It's built with jQuery 1.7.1. You'll need that for it to work.

So how do I use it?

Just include it. <script src="automage.js"></script>

So how does it work?

It will look for an element with a class "am-target-container" and then for an image with the class "am-target", which it will display as a layer above everything else.


<div class="am-target-container">
    <img class="am-target" src="cat.png" alt="cat" />


Activating sliding ability between images is done by adding the am-slider class to the am-target-container element.


<div class="am-target-container am-slider">
    <img class="am-target" src="cat1.png" alt="cat" />
    <img class="am-target" src="cat2.png" alt="cat" />
    <img class="am-target" src="cat3.png" alt="cat" />


  • Ability to have seperate src from thumbnail to large image, ie. clicking image1-small.png displays image1-large.png
  • Debug and fix the image slider
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