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The Agile Operations Manifesto

This repository contains the documents that make up the Agile Operations Manifesto.

It is hoped that by sharing these documents via an easy to update and edit method such as source control, people will contribute and share their expertise and improve on the original Author's thoughts.


The manifesto itself is contained within manifesto.md and supporting links should be placed into the supporting_documents.md file under the appropriate section header.

Please fork this repository and contribute back via a GitHb Pull Request, making sure to include your name in the authors.md file so that attribution can be given for the work you have proposed.

If you agree or disagree with a Pull Request, please add a comment as opposed to a simple "+1" or "-1" so we understand why we should include/reject the proposed idea.

Above all else, be kind. Constructive Criticism is valid, comments that criticise without reason or any kind of personal attack will not be tolerated and will be rejected when deciding whether to merge a PR or not.