Automatically setting up a highly available database cluster on IONOS Enterprise Cloud
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Readme: gives you the oportunity to setup either

A) a simple high availability setup consisting of two virtual machines (VM) as gateways with an additional VM behind it or

B) such setup with another setup of a high avalability PostgreSQL cluster.

C) Additionally is is possible to import the MusicBrainz database into the cluster.


Before you start you need to install -> pwgen <- for the creation of passwords used for the installation and let the -> ssh-agent <- run to make sure that the script can copy lots of files and change configurations without password dialog.

Curl and tee are also needed intensively but I never experienced that this programms had not been installed already on the widely used Linux distributions.

After all you need to have your -> limits <- on the IONOS platform high enough.

  • For the installation option A) you will need

    -- 3 customer reserved IP addresses (CRIP, the script will reserve them automatically),

    -- 3 cores,

    -- 3 GB of RAM and

    -- 37 GB HDD space.

  • For the variant B) you need all the aforementioned AND

    -- 2 cores

    -- 2 GB RAM

    -- at least 40 GB HDD or SSD (as you chose with '-s') or more, depending on what you give on the command line via the option '-S number'

  • For the variant C) you need all the aforementioned AND

    -- at least 600 GB HDD or SSD or more, depending on what you give on the command line via the option '-S number'

Also Important is that you have a

-> stable internect connection <-

Even a short break would make it necessary to stop the whole process, delete an already created VDC by that script and start the whole process again.



More details and the intention of the programm you will find at