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PHC Masternode autosetup script
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PHC Masternode autosetup script

Release Notes: Version: 2.00

  • Added support of Debian 8/9, CentOS 7, Fedora 27/28
  • Reduced questionnaire if installed with default options
  • Daemon bind to IP address (Listen in case of NAT detected)
  • P2P/RPC IP:port usage detection
  • FirewallD configuration support (CentOS/Fedora)
  • Added blockchain cache to reduce sync time
  • Added MN de-provisioning script (created in directory of daemon) and lot of other improvements

Login to your VPS and execute:

rm; wget && chmod +x

Now to run the script:


Troubleshooting & Notes:

Script has dedicated Discord server for changes follow-up and user support

Typical installation process shown in the video below

So all steps console and error messages will be recorded to logfile. You can follow it online during script execution in second ssh session using

tail -f ~/phcmnsetup.log

After script execution you can find the main status of steps execution if you filter logfile for rows containing '# '

more ~/phcmnsetup.log | grep '# '

If you have slow internet connection, files may be loading for a long time, which may (with low probability) lead to ssh session timeout. To avoid this, I recommend to launch script in screen session. Start new screen session:

screen -q

Launch the script. If ssh session disconnected, script will continue working. After connection restoration, you can attach the screen session with

screen -r -d
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